Tom Ognibene

Councilmember Tom Ognibene

Tom Ognibene

Tom Ognibene was elected to the New York City Council in the November 1991 election in the newly  created  30th Council  District,  and subsequently re-elected in 1993 and 1997, serving the  full  ten  (10)  years  allowed  by  term  limits.During this time, he served on the Finance, Public Safety,  Housing  and  Buildings,  and General Welfare committees


    • Elected Minority Leader to the New York City Council in 1994.
    • Served as Counsel to the New York State Senate Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs.
    • Appointed by Governor Pataki to the New York State Housing & Building Codes Council where he was instrumental in  developing  a  uniform  statewide  building construction  and  safety  code.
    • Served in the US Army Armor Corps from 1967 to 1970.
    • Ran for Lt. Governor in 2010, receiving more than 202,000 votes.
    • Successful abandoned the city putting additional homeless shelters in the district.
    • Successfully altered the roads on Metropolitan Avenue between 80th Street and Cooper Avenue where over 23 accidents had occurred within a six month period, ending the hazardous conditions.
    • Promoted capital projects in Middle Village South including sewer projects, renovation of Middle Village Playground, new street tree plantings, and over 90% of the streets being repaved.
    • Created legislation for water meters readings which mandated quarterly readings to avoid incorrect readings and over charging.
    • Proposed the Forgiveness Program which protected property owners who had received unreasonably high bills, either because of an error on the part of the Water Department, or because they had undetected leaks.
    • Created mobile teams of Department of Environmental Protection members to do community-based outreach at Junior High School 93, Christ the King High School and in his District Office in Middle Village.
Tom Ognibene represented Middle Village from 1992 to 2002

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